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Please visit to buy a domain name with related services (email, web page, cloud storage, and web suite).

We will walk you through the process of registering a domain name and setting up email accounts and productivity tools.

Tip: Ditch free email service providers [that mine your data] and distance yourself from all the big technology platforms.

A business email address gives you extra credibility and trustworthiness that a Gmail or Outlook address fails to deliver.

Buy/register a [.me, .it, .uk, or .com] domain name that's appropriate for your brand/business/project, and put it to work.

Present yourself professionally to [business] customers and clients. Create a personalised [professional] email address: e.g., name @ your surname .me; [or] personal name @ your company or business name .com

Swiss Webmail: Email, contacts, calendars, antivirus, and antispam. Unlimited mailbox (storage space and email aliases). Synchronise emails on a PC, tablet, and smartphone. Workspace is a collaborative email service for SMEs. Share address books and calendars with colleagues. One-way SMS gateway (send messages and set alerts).

Get video conferencing, online ticketing, event management, and multimedia tools from a world-class service provider.

Custom brand online productivity tools (e.g., webmail, cloud storage, and video meetings) with your own domain name.

A secure cloud for SMEs, teams, and private individuals (everyone). Maintain data sovereignty and stay GDPR-compliant.