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Appearance maintenance products for car and motorcycle care (detailing); auto/moto surface care and finish protection.

Car and Motorcycle Washing

Eco-Friendly and Water-Smart Wash Methods

Waterless Wash (Spray Wash): Wash lightly soiled vehicles only, without running water. Spray, wipe and buff.

Rinseless Wash (Bucket Wash): Wash lightly to moderately soiled vehicles without a hose or pressure washer.

Shampoo Wash (Bucket Wash): Wash lightly, moderately or heavily soiled vehicles with a hose or pressure washer.

Detail Spray: After wash drying aid. Add gloss and slickness. Remove light surface contaminants in between washes.

5-Step Paintwork Care Cycle

1. Wash | 2. Clean | 3. Correct & Perfect (Compound/Polish) | 4. Protect | 5. Maintain

Detailers: Optimum Hyper Polish or GPS (AIO) | Optimum Opti-Seal | Optimum Car Wax | Optimum Instant Detailer

Enthusiasts: Driven Finish Restorer (Polish) | Driven Auto Polish (Cleaner & Sealant) | Driven Quick Spray (Detailer)

Step 1: Wash (Maintenance Wash)

Remove loose surface contaminants (with a sealant/wax-friendly protective wash).

Wash [heavily soiled vehicles]: Maintain surface/finish with Optimum Car Wash or Driven Wash Shampoo Concentrate.

Rinseless Wash [lightly soiled vehicles]: Maintain surface/finish with Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine or Wash & Wax.

Waterless Wash [lightly soiled vehicles]: Maintain surface/finish with Ultima Waterless Wash or Optimum Opti-Clean.

Step 2: Clean (Surface Preparation)

Remove bonded surface/sub-surface contaminants (before polishing or protecting).

Decontaminate: Remove contaminants with detailing clay in combination with a quick detail spray (clay bar & lubricant).

Step 3.1: Correct (Paintwork Correction)

Remove moderate-heavy defects and imperfections; restore colour and surface gloss.

Compound [heavily weathered finishes]: Apply Meguiar's Ultimate Compound (by hand or preferably machine polisher).

Step 3.2: Perfect (Finishing/Final Polishing)

Remove light defects (imperfections); enhance colour, finish clarity, and surface gloss.

Polish [previously compounded finishes and/or dark colours]: Apply Meguiar's SwirlX (by hand or machine polisher).

[One-Step] Polish (Polishing/Finishing)

Remove light defects, imperfections, and oxidation; restore colour and surface gloss.

Polish [lightly weathered finishes]: Apply Optimum Hyper Polish or Driven Finish Restorer (by hand or machine polisher).

[One-Step] Polish & Protect (2-in-1 Care)

Remove light oxidation and stains; revive colour; enhance gloss; add protection.

Polish [well-maintained finishes]: Apply Optimum GPS (by hand or machine polisher); Opti-Seal or Car Wax (by hand).

[One-Step] Clean, Shine & Protect (3-in-1 Care)

Remove light oxidation and surface contaminants; enhance shine; add protection.

Polish [well-maintained finishes]: Apply Driven Auto Polish (by hand). Maintain surface/finish with Driven Quick Spray.

Step 4: Protect (Paintwork Protection)

Seal and protect against the elements (with a coating, sealant, wax, or protectant).

Protect [new or like-new finishes]: Apply CDG Auto/Aero Polish or Optimum Opti-Seal and Optimum Car Wax (by hand).

Step 5: Maintain (Quick Detailing)

Remove light surface contaminants. Refresh finishes. Keep that just detailed look.

Quick Detail [lightly soiled vehicles]: Maintain surface/finish with Optimum Instant Detailer or Driven Quick Detail Spray.

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